“Street Outlaws” Members Who Left the Show with a BANG! - Net Worth Post (2024)

Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” ranks among one of its most successful reality TV projects of all time, having become a synonym for street racing entertainment. The series brings together a widely diverse slew of racers who compete for the top spot on ‘the list’, relying on their high-octane skills and powerful vehicles to snatch the ultimate prize. There’s been a good deal of cast member rotation since the show’s inception in 2013, but a few have made particularly dramatic exits, that left fans talking long after their departure. A few of them have notably and permanently changed the very narrative that they helped shape during their time in the lens.

Perhaps the most significant roster change to have taken place throughout “Street Outlaws” existence was the sudden exit of Justin ‘Big Chief’ Shearer, announced in his hour-long YouTube video in 2022. He had in multiple ways been the face of the show for almost a decade up until that point, since its inception. Up until the video was uploaded, there was a lot of talk about whether he’d been removed or left of his own accord, considering the well-evidenced, unforgiving nature of Discovery Channel’s producers.

Big Chief explained that he didn’t agree with the direction the show was taking. He wanted “Street Outlaws” to stick to its roots in real street racing, without too many rules that didn’t fit what he thought was best for the racing community. Adding that the show was changing too much from what he had helped to create, he felt that he couldn’t stand by the new rules and decisions because he wasn’t the one who made them, and they just didn’t feel right to him. He believed in keeping the show authentic to street racing, and these changes were moving away from that, in a more commercial and mainstream direction.


However, cast member James Goad – also known as The Reaper – had a different take on what happened. He challenged Big Chief’s reasons for leaving, and accused him of being difficult to work with on the show. According to him, Big Chief made things uncomfortable for other racers by engaging in manipulative behavior to benefit himself at the cost of other cast members’ success. These allegations have never been properly investigated, so there remain proponents of both camps, which is likely how this story ends.

On the topic of The Reaper, his was a complex affair as well, filled with emotion and controversy that left the audience reeling. Known for his outspoken nature and passion for racing, The Reaper found himself at the center of speculation and debate within the street racing community around 2018, when his exit from the show became the topic on everyone’s lips. His rig was said to be more of a pro mod than a street car, barely fitting into the show’s rules. This alleged discrepancy led to rumors that the show’s producers were looking for a way to essentially get rid of him. Adding to speculation, The Reaper began reviving his eponymous, original car, which some saw as a sign that he was preparing for life after the main show.

The star expressed his feelings of betrayal and frustration with the direction of the series, particularly with the integrity of the list and the impartiality of the race master role. He felt that the camaraderie and the spirit of fair competition had been compromised to a point he could no longer afford to ignore. Despite announcing his intention to quit and stating his grievances publicly, there was still uncertainty about whether

The Reaper would actually follow through with leaving the show, as some believed that his emotional response was not enough to sever ties with the rest of the crew, predicting that he might return in the next season. His situation was further complicated by the reactions of other cast members and the community, with some supporting him, and others questioning his reasoning and the truthfulness of his statements. The real extent of what took place behind the scenes may never be fully known, but what’s for sure is that many fans were shocked by the ordeal.


Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” Day was another central figure in the “Street Outlaws” franchise, who faced a tumultuous period that led to an abrupt exit from the show. Rumors swirled that he was considering leaving due to being blamed for Big Chief’s departure from the main series, while he was busy on the set of the “Street Outlaws: Memphis” spin-off. These doubts gained traction on social media platforms and forums, on which discussions about his potential exit were rampant, particularly on Reddit. Reports eventually emerged that JJ had been fired from the show, without further clarification from authoritative sources. While the specifics of what occurred weren’t detailed in the reports, the news shocked thousands of fans and stirred up conversations about the future of the spin-off, seeing as JJ was its key personality.

The situation was further complicated by a serious car accident involving JJ and his wife, Tricia, during the filming of “Street Outlaws: America’s List.” The mishap took place on 12 January 2022, when JJ’s car caught fire, causing him to lose control, cross the center line, and collide with Tricia’s car, which then rolled, the impact sending Tricia’s vehicle into three rented minivans that were being used to protect light towers and camera equipment on set, causing further trouble for both the onlookers and the production team.

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Both JJ and Tricia were hospitalized but reported to be in stable condition as of the evening of the accident. In the aftermath, JJ posted a live video on his Facebook page three days later, showing his crew working on repairing the damage to his car. While this unfortunate event didn’t cause JJ’s departure in and of itself, it definitely added weight to his already burdened shoulders, compounding the stress and dissatisfaction that had built up over the years.

Finally, the most recently surprising exit from “Street Outlaws” was that of Jerry ‘Monza’ Johnston, who jumped ship as the fans geared up for the sixth season of the “No Prep Kings” spin-off in the summer of 2023. Known for his formidable racing skills and high-performance machines, Monza’s decision to leave was in fact a strategic move towards new personal and professional pursuits, having become tired of the same old grind on the Discovery Channel. His exit was announced prior to the season’s commencement, coming off as a calculated step rather than an abrupt disappearance. Monza expressed an intention to channel his energy and focus on building a brand-new race car, signaling to the fans that his passion for creativity could be winning out over pedaling the gas for an adrenaline rush.


The significance of Monza’s exit is more than palpable, given his role as a staple competitor in the series, and especially considering the value of his position after the previous three names had vanished from the franchise. His presence undoubtedly contributed to the series’ competitive edge and garnered a loyal fan following, although the majority of which had few positive words to spare about the shocking news.

“Street Outlaws” Members Who Left the Show with a BANG! - Net Worth Post (2024)
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