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Discord is a secure platform where you can chat with your friends and have an interactive gaming session, among others things. However, with its security protocols, it’s possible to pull another user’s IP address from the platform. With this, you can easily connect with one of your friends’ IP servers and share whatever you want with them.

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There are several ways to pull an IP address on Discord. These include a Discord IP Resolver, a Discord IP Grabber, and Command Prompt, among others. These methods involve a few steps and will take only a few minutes to execute. If you don’t want to go through these online tools, you could politely ask a person for their IP address.

This article details how you can pull an IP address on Discord with the above-listed methods.

Table of Contents

  1. How To Pull Your IP Using the Discord IP Resolver
    • Step #1: Go into Developer Mode
    • Step #2: Fetch Your Discord ID
    • Step #3: Get the IP Address
  2. How To Pull an IP Address Using the Discord IP Grabber
    • Step #1: Fetch The Person’s URL
    • Step #2: Create A URL With Grabify and Send It
    • Step #3: Ensure to Save Your Tracking Code
  3. How To Pull an IP Address Using Your Desktop’s Command Prompt
  4. Conclusion

How To Pull Your IP Using the Discord IP Resolver

This online tool uses some of the most advanced protocols to help you get an IP address and virtually every other information you want. The tool scans packet interceptions, decrypting, pulling, and getting you any IP you want.

It will distribute fake-engineered packets that will adapt to a user’s location. This then sends back an encrypted packet giving you all the necessary info about the person’s IP. Follow these steps if you want to use this tool to pull an IP.

Step #1: Go into Developer Mode

This step is also crucial and can be done within seconds.

  1. Navigate to your Discord settings by clicking the gear icon next to your username
  2. Under the App Settings section, select “Advanced.”
  3. In the menu that appears, toggle on “Developer mode.”

Step #2: Fetch Your Discord ID

To execute this step, join any Discord server, join a channel, and right-click on your username. Then click “Copy ID.”

Step #3: Get the IP Address

Once you’re with the ID, go to Discord’s IP revolver site. Paste their user ID in the required box and click “Revolve.” The IP address will be shown to you, and you can note it down or copy it directly.

How To Pull an IP Address Using the Discord IP Grabber

This is also known as Grabify and is one of the most popular options for pulling an IP from someone’s Discord. The process involved in using this online tool is quite simple and involves a few steps that can be executed in seconds. If you want to use Grabify, below are the steps involved.

Step #1: Fetch The Person’s URL

A Discord user’s URL is unique and will always direct others to their page when they tap the link. This link is what you must have before you can head on to Grabify. Grabify requires you to paste that user’s link so you can create a Phishing link.

Here is how to get the Discord link of the person.

  1. In developer mode, navigate to the username of the person whose IP address you want to pull.
  2. Then, right-click on the user and tap “Copy ID.”
  3. Now, we need to make that link. Replace “userID” with the ID you just copied:

For example, if the ID you copied is 12345679, the Discord user link would be

Step #2: Create A URL With Grabify and Send It

  1. When you’ve copied the person’s URL, enter it into the required box provided by Grabify.
  2. Click “Create URL” beneath the box and copy the generated link.
  3. Agree on the terms.
  4. In the “New URL” row, you see a link generated by Grabify. Copy it and send it to the user whose IP you want to know.

This link will have particular properties; when a person taps it, their IP address is automatically revealed.

Step #3: Ensure to Save Your Tracking Code

When you create a link with Grabify, it generates a tracking code that you must always have. You can input this link into Grabify’s link box at a later time to always reveal if the person changes their IP. With the tracking code, you get the IP and other useful information about the Discord user.

How To Pull an IP Address Using Your Desktop’s Command Prompt

You can also use Command Prompt to get a user’s IP address. A command prompt comes with all Windows devices that you can easily run and give commands to execute. The tool works by giving a string of codes that will reveal the IP address you want. These are the steps to follow in revealing the IP address of a Discord user with a Command Prompt.

  1. Close all other apps on your laptop other than your browser.
  2. In the opened browser, launch Discord’s website and sign into your account. First, you must ensure the user whose IP you need is online.
  3. Begin a chat with them and ensure you hold their attention for a while.
  4. Open your Command Prompt and type in “netstat-an,” and tap the enter key to run. You’ll see a string of lengthy codes called TCP scripts.
  5. At the bottom of the script, you’ll see a code that says “established,” and you’ll see the IP of the Discord user at the end. Copy this code and take it to one of the IP grabbler applications to reveal their location.


You can use several IP-revealing tools with Discord to pull a user’s IP. For instance, you can use the Wireshark Packet Analyzer, which might require more steps than the other methods listed above.

The best of the options is the IP Grabber, which is free and doesn’t require the user to be online before it works. Stay safe, and remember not to use anyone’s IP address for illegal activities.

How To Pull IP on Discord | ITGeared (2024)
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